"In our thousands,
in our millions,
we are all Palestinians"

A Message for 2024

Genocides are processes – they start incrementally as everyday violences

in discourses, in narratives, in stereotyping of others as the Other

before bursting into flagrant ‘superior’ gun and air power

to bury under the rubble the right to self-determination,

the right of diverse communities to co-exist


We join in the call, ‘In our thousands, in our millions, we are all Palestinians’

in solidarity against the ongoing complete destruction of Gaza

in solidarity against the intensification of systematic ethnic cleansing

by Zionist settler colonialism in Occupied Palestine

Aided and abetted by Western imperialism

As we do so, we also remind ourselves of

the Brahmanical supremacist settler colonialism project in Kashmir

the ethnic cleansing in Sudan, in Manipur and Nuh

the persecution of Muslims and Uighurs, the forced disappearances in Balochistan

Operation SAMADHAN Prahar in Chhattisgarh

the Yezidis still leaving Sinjar

Ukraine, Congo … 

All of these are just a few of the many sites past and present

of the incremental processes of genocide --

In the face of people’s refusal and resistance,

the systematic ghettoisation, the forced displacement, the dispossession,

the brutal attempts of colonial ‘final solutions’

The Nakba was never about ‘voluntary’ exit


Underpinning much of these inhuman acts is the greed of a few

to exploit the Earth’s natural resources

bulldozing over everyone’s right to access them for subsisting

alongside our fellow living creatures also distressed in the Anthropocene Epoch

We salute the Palestinian people’s resistance

to refuse a burial under growing mounds of rubble 

We salute all communities who have refused their erasure though genocide

And we stand in solidarity with labour that enhances life on Earth, not destroys it.

Lotika Singha